Project Preparation

Project Preparation

Project preparatory stage is the central part of the overall project life cycle and is crucial determinant for a successful launch of a project. We understand that the nature of advisory services provided at this stage should not just lead to a project getting successfully awarded, but more importantly ensure that the project is well managed and executed throughout the lifecycle. We therefore ensure our experience is fully leveraged during this critical stage to provide right kind of advice to our clients. During this stage, we do include various activities.

Pre-feasibility and Full-Feasibility Studies: We specialize in preparing prefeasibility and feasibility studies across various subsectors. Our team of financial specialists, planners, engineers and PPP specialists have been successfully undertaking techno-economic viability studies along with providing various structuring options to the government clients ensuring that the projects are successfully awarded with a win-win scenario for both the government and private sector

Detailed Project Report Preparation: We undertake detailed project reports for business units across various industry sectors such as food processing, metals, etc. These are towards availing bank loans, applying for land allocation or for project initiation.

Project Structuring: For PPP projects, we provide structuring services ensuring balanced risk allocation and a workable model for the projects to successfully be launched. Through scenario analysis for assessment of financing options, risk assessment and, project phasing, an appropriate project structure is arrived at.

Bid Process Management: From the preparation of bid documentation aligned to the project structure and customized to the project, we assist various government entities in the entire bid process management. These include extensive market sounding assistance, pre-bid assistance, bid evaluation and until the signing of agreements and achieving the financial closure.

Transaction Advisory Services: We also assist private sector (where we aren’t as government advisors) in helping bid for projects across the project selection process including providing market intelligence, financial model and assistance for financial closure related activities.

Investor | Partner Search: We help private developers find right partners across various industry and infrastructure sectors for undertaking projects/ technical or financial tie-ups and collaborations. This includes partners within India or globally